System Calls In Apache (Linux) vs IIS (Windows)

The following 2 pictures show a clear difference in system calls between a Linux' Apache, and a Windows' IIS. Draw your own conclusions. :-)

First up: Apache.

System calls for Apache

System calls for Apache

Followed by: IIS

System calls for IIS

System calls for IIS

They both seem chaotic, but the Apache one shows a lot more structure than the IIS one, which seems to be tangled up in its own web.

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3 comments on “System Calls In Apache (Linux) vs IIS (Windows)
  1. Andreas says:

    well maybe this is the raeson why the IIS were so vulnerable back in the day as i guess that these systemcalls back there remained the same as now

  2. Pierre says:

    As G-WAN outperforms Apache and IIS by orders of magnitude in performances (for both static and dynamic contents) and footprint (the 100 KB G-WAN is a *native* Web App. Server offering full ANSI C scripts) it would be interesting to see the same graph applied to G-WAN.

    G-WAN is available on Linux and Windows (where it beats IIS-7.0-nested-in-the-Windows-kernel).

  3. sebastian says:

    nice! i only wish to know, is it a system call picture with all running-IIS Features? it look like!

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